Thursday, 12 August 2010

Too much pizza?

Is it possible to have too much choice when it comes to pizza? Well I would argue yes, at least when it's at the expense of other eating-out opportunities. Port Melbourne does pretty well for cafes; come lunchtime you have a reasonably varied selection of places to grab a light bite, but after dark things aren't quite so balanced. Cue superfluous pie-chart:
This is a distribution of establishments, besides pubs, on or near Bay Street that routinely serve food (either eat-in or take-away) in the evening. As you can see, we're well catered for south-east asian food, pizzas and fast food. But where are the restaurants for those of us who like their food a little more spicy - say Indian, Middle Eastern or Mexican? After all, South Melbourne has the Spirit of India, Ceylon Curry House, Bengal Tiger, Bedi's and Funky Curry 3. Albert Park has Gharana and Kamel. Whilst St. Kilda has Rangoli, Tandoori Times, Amigos and Blue Corn Cafe. Heck, even Middle Park has the (highly recommended) Roti Man.

So if you're thinking of starting up a new restaurant in Port Melbourne, how about following the successful pattern of neighbouring suburbs?

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