Monday, 19 July 2010

Bay Street

I stumbled across this site whilst diligently researching for this guide (OK, I was bored). It gets 2nd spot in Google's results for "Bay Street, Port Melbourne", which is quite an achievement considering it has virtually no textual content. What it does have however, is a very smooth sliding street-level photograph of both sides of Bay Street, complete with markers for businesses (who I assume it hopes to persuade to pay to advertise).

It kept me amused for at least five minutes, however it does seem to have a couple of fairly major flaws. Firstly the photos were taken during construction of the Bianca complex, and so don't include any of the shops that have since opened there. Secondly, for some reason it only extends as far as the town hall, when most people would probably say that the Sloaney Pony, at the start of Crockford Street, marks the true end of the shopping strip.

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